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    Product Stewardship

    Anderson Development Company fosters the sharing of information about the proper use, storage, and disposal of products with our stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, distributors, and contractors.

    Product Stewardship Activities at ADC

    At Anderson Development Company, we provide cradle to grave assistance from developing products, using those products, and finally to recycling, reusing, or disposing of them.

    Appropriate actions and communication media will vary depending on the circumstances and will be commensurate with any potential product risk. Typical product stewardship activities may include the following:

    Safety Data Sheets
    Training Programs
    Site Visits

    Risk Assessment & Minimization Process

    Anderson Development Company (ADC) chemicals are prioritized for review based on potential risk. Potential risk is determined by reviewing the hazards and potential exposures related a given chemical or chemical family. In addition, other potential considerations could include information on chemicals. Hazards related to health are evaluated. Potential exposure is evaluated based on the use of the chemical. ADC has identified its high priority chemical(s).

    High Priority Chemical(s)

    ADC considers the following to be high priority:

    Polyurethane prepolymer containing a significant quantity of a diisocyanate.

    Further information on high priority chemical(s) can be obtained upon request through the Contact Us link on our website. The available information will include chemical identity, uses, properties, health effects, environmental effects, exposure potential, and recommended risk management measures. ADC reviews the customer use of the high priority chemical(s) to determine that the customer can safely handle the chemical(s).

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