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    Polyurethane Dispersions

    Almathane Polyurethane Dispersions

    Almathane is a complete range of high performance polyurethane dispersions designed for the broad spectrum of coatings applications. They are NMP-free and capable of formulated VOCs below 50 g/L.

    Almathane Polyurethane Dispersions are largely based on aliphatic structures using a broad selection of components to deliver hard to soft, tough to elastic, glossy to matte finishes with excellent weatherability properties. In addition, the inherent hydrophobic properties enhance water-repellency and anti-corrosion properties.

    Many of the Almathane Polyurethane Dispersions use renewable resources as part of the award winning sustainability status that Anderson Development Company enjoys and demonstrates our commitment to circular economy initiatives.

    Customized System

    • Adhesion across wood, metal, plastics and other surfaces
    • Air drying, force drying and self-crosslinking
    • Hydroxyl and carboxyl functional - 1K and 2K systems
    • UV-curable and dual cure mechanisms


    • World class R&D development and customer support
    • Collaborative approach from design to scale up to full production
    • Full range of testing and analytical resources

    Contact the Polyurethane Dispersions Team
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