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    Acrylic Resins

    Almatex Acrylic Resins

    Almatex Acrylic Resins Almatex acrylics represent wide range of high quality crystal clear acrylic powder coating resins. They are mainly GMA acrylics (epoxy functional), although hydroxyl functional or carboxylic functional acrylics (HFA or CFA) are also Available.

    These acrylic resins are used extensively in powder coating applications in the automotive industry. Other markets include aluminum wheels, outdoor furniture, lawn and garden equipment, household hardware and appliances, and various architectural uses.

    The GMA acrylics contain glycidyl functional groups which, when combined with polycarboxylic acid compounds as the curing agent, exhibit excellent properties for coating materials. Powder coating made from Almatex GMA acrylics is especially noted for weather durability, gloss, crystal clarity, chemical resistance, and smooth finish. The resins exhibit excellent over bake tolerance, good caking stability, excellent electrical insulation properties, and an outstanding performance in electrostatic spraying equipment. These products are also more environmentally friendly compared to solvent based products.

    Contact the Acrylic Resins Team
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