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    Anderson Development is one of the world's leading chemical companies, founded by Dr. Amos R. Anderson.

    Anderson Development Company was founded in 1968 by Dr. Amos R. Anderson, after a long career in research and operations at leading chemical companies. Dr. Anderson's leadership and expertise in organometallic chemistry was pivotal to building a solid reputation for the development and manufacture of unique specialty chemicals. Over the years, the company evolved from contract research to contract manufacturing to development and manufacturing of differentiated high performance specialty materials. Anderson Development now serves the chemical industry as a key producer of thousands of tons of unique proprietary products for the coatings, elastomer, pharmaceutical, catalyst and electronics markets, as well as assisting other leading companies with toll manufacturing of select products within our chemical competencies. Core competencies include a wide range of batch chemistries like Acrylic and Urethane polymers, Organoboron compounds and many others, with all of the supporting separation and purifications processes required.

    In 1988, the company was acquired by Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals, which later merged with Mitsui Petrochemicals to become Mitsui Chemicals. Anderson Development Company's current product lines consist of a diverse line of differentiated specialty chemicals developed organically, transplanted from Mitsui Chemicals Research in Japan or developed by and custom manufactured for leading Fortune 100 chemical companies. Anderson Development Company can either work completely independently from Mitsui Chemicals or cooperatively with Mitsui Chemicals, with complete secrecy and intellectual property protection or utilizing Mitsui Chemicals significant resources depending on customer requirements. Independently operated, Anderson Development Company serves as the business center and technical center of excellence in different areas within the Mitsui Chemicals Group.

    Anderson Development Company has maintained its entrepreneurial and developmental spirit while evolving into a global manufacturer using the systematic ISO 9000, ISO 14000, RC14000 and cGMP work processes needed to exceed the expectations of Quality, Safety, Environmentally focused industries like the top tier Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and Semiconductor Manufacturers, while remaining globally cost competitive.

    Anderson Development Company has remained in Adrian, MI for all these years, growing into a diversified performance and fine chemical company specializing in many chemistries and toll manufacturing. Bucking the offshoring trend, Anderson Development's business has grown globally over the last 50 years, with products produced in Adrian, Michigan, proving their quality and competitiveness with major exports to Europe and Asia. While Anderson Development Company may not be a household name, Anderson Development Company's customer focus has been crucial to commercializing, manufacturing and selling products which are widely used by both domestic and international companies for the manufacture of leading end-use products. It is guaranteed that you have seen our products in action and Anderson Development Company is proud to be supplying the world's industries with its products.

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