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    Corporate Overview

    Welcome to Anderson Development Company and our website.

    Anderson Development Company (ADC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui Chemicals, is an award-winning, innovative specialty and custom chemical manufacturer. We're committed to providing value-added solutions  by working closely with our customers to solve their toughest problems.

    Since our founding in 1968, we have been moving forward aggressively on many fronts to capitalize on solid growth opportunities, to expand our global presence and to sharpen our product offerings. Through our own extensive research, development and manufacturing capabilities , we are able to offer innovative specialty and custom chemicals which help improve the quality of life for our customers while typically reducing the impact to our environment.

    To show this commitment to sustainability, Anderson Development Company supports the American Chemical Council's Responsible Care ? program , the chemical industry's initiative to continually improve health, safety, security, and environmental performance worldwide.

    The key to our success has always been our people who strive to meet and exceed our customer's expectations. The strong team of dedicated professionals at Anderson Development Company does more than just make products; they provide solutions for our customers. For over 50 years, Anderson Development Company's dedication to excellence has created long-term relationships with a wide range of companies -- from smaller domestic firms to large global Fortune 100 companies.

    From our headquarters, manufacturing facilities, laboratories, pilot plant, warehousing and bulk storage facilities in Adrian, Michigan, Anderson Development Company is positioned to develop and provide innovative solutions to even your most complex problems.

    We are grateful for your interest in Anderson Development Company, and we encourage you to explore ADC and our web site. Please use the Contact Us button located throughout this web site to pass on any comments, questions or feedback that you may have.

    Mark Kramer

    Anderson Development Company
    President & CEO

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