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    Acrylic Resins

    Urethane Elastomer Systems

    Polyurethane Dispersions

    Boron Compounds

    Custom Toll Manufacturing

    Our Almatex ? GMA Acrylic Resins, Andur ? Urethane prepolymers and curatives, and Almabor? Boron Compounds are just three product lines that empower hundreds of applications world-wide, in markets as diverse as automotive coatings, adhesive, sealant, elastomers, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and catalysts.


    Come join us in keeping the River Raisin Clean!

    Come join us in keeping the River Raisin Clean! Read More

    Latest News

    Press Release Statement

    March 30, 2022:

    We would like to apologize for any disruption that the incident at Anderson Development Company on March 30, 2022 has caused the community. We thank you for your patience. We also would like to thank the county hazmat teams, fire departments, police, sheriff, city/road departments, and emergency responders that responded to the incident. With their assistance, the incident was able to be safely addressed with no injuries to employees or responders.....

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    Polyurethane Manufacturer's Association (PMA) 2022


    Anderson Development Company will be attending PMA 2022 April 23rd-26th in Austin, Texas at the AT&T Hotel & Conference Center. 



    Read More


    The "Development" in Anderson Development Company

    Anderson Development Company (ADC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui Chemicals, is an award-winning, innovative specialty and custom chemical manufacturer. We're committed to providing value-added solutions through our research and development capabilities.

    Contact Us

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